Temporary Water Odor due to Seasonal Weather

Over the last few weeks, the City of Monroe Water System has received complaints from our customers noticing an earthy taste and odor in their tap water.The unpleasant taste and odor are a natural occurrence caused by an increasing in algae blooms, organic material, and destratification of Bayou Desiard – which is the source water for the City of Monroe. With the recent fluctuation of hot & humid days and cool & rainy days, the water in the bayou is mixed with both cool and warm layers, which in turn creates the conditions of a strong odor and occasionally unpleasant taste.

These changes have no effect on the safety of the water for consumption or use. We have been continuously monitoring the situation; and, we have increased the addition of potassium permanganate in our water treatment process to address the temporary taste and odor originating from Bayou Desiard. It is anticipated that residents will notice continued improvement in water taste and odor over the next two to three weeks. Monroe Water System tests the water daily and continuously meets state and federal requirements for drinking. If there had been a health hazard, customers would have been notified immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Sean Benton Water System Manager for additional information, 318-329-2386

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