Monroe City Marshals Office

Marshal's Office City of Monroe, LA

On behalf of the Monroe City Marshals Office, I would like to extend you a heartfelt welcome...

The men and women of the Monroe City Marshals Office are diverse in skills but unified in purpose. We are passionate, motivated and committed to actively serve our community. We have a strong sense of family and a never ending hope and faith that together we can work hard to help make Northeast Louisiana a place that we all can be proud of. Whether it's law enforcement, schools, malls, or churches, we are always here for the public we serve.

We believe there is a shared responsibility between the Marshals Office and the community to continue improving the quality of life for all citizens. We believe in listening to our community, and developing strong partnerships. We invite you to become part of our family and volunteer through one of our programs so that together we may become stronger.


Wince Highshaw, Jr.
Monroe City Marshal

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Marshals Office

Monroe City Hall
Second Floor

400 Lea Joyner Memorial Expressway
Monroe, LA 71202
Phone: (318) 329-2585
 Fax: (318) 329-2632

Courthouse Division

Monroe City Court
600 Calypso St.
Monroe, LA 71202
Phone: (318) 329-2585
Fax: (318) 329-2632