• Monroe Purchasing Department - City of Monroe Louisiana


The Purchasing Division is responsible for the procurement of equipment, materials, tools, supplies and vehicles for all departments and divisions needed for the efficient operation of the City of Monroe.

The Purchasing Division's responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Conducting and/or attending Pre-Bid Conferences
  • Assisting in Invitation to Bid (I.T.B.) Specification Writing
  • Preparing advertisements for items to be publicly bid
  • Conducting Public Bid Opening Conferences
  • Soliciting competitive quotes
  • Stocking and operating the Central Warehouse

When visiting the City of Monroe's Purchasing Division, vendors are asked to bring brochures, photographs, descriptive material and price lists that would familiarize the Purchasing Manager with their products and services. Vendors are also asked to schedule an appointment prior to visiting the Purchasing Division for better utilization of time for both parties. Office hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Frequent Questions

Q: How do I become a vendor with the City of Monroe?

A: By completing a Vendor Application.

Q: How do I know when "Invitations to Bid" (I.T.B.) are being accepted?

A; All Invitations to Bid are listed in the classified section of The News-Star each Monday. If Monday is a legal holiday, the information pertaining to first time invitations to Bid will appear in The News-Star the following Tuesday.

This information is general information pertaining to Invitations to Bid. For detailed information, please contact our offices. The City of Monroe bears no responsibility to any bidder that relies strictly on the answer provided to question 2 above regarding Invitations to Bid.

Purchasing Staff 

Toney Gibson

(p) 318-329-2293
(f) 318-329-3282

Ebony Morehead

Assistant Buyer
(p) 318-329-3301
(f) 318-329-3282

Eugene Newman Jr

Warehouse Assistant
(p) 318-329-3286
(f) 318-329-3282

Demaine Riley

Warehouse Supervisor
(p) 318-329-3286
(f) 318-329-3282

Erin Stephens

p) 318-329-2222
(f) 318-329-3282



Monthly DBE Reports Administration - City of Monroe Louisiana

Chris Cross

Director of Purchasing
Phone 318-329-2222
Fax 318-329-3282

1014 Grammont Street
Monroe, LA 71201