Planning an Event?

Are you planning an event in the City of Monroe?

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When planning an event to be held in the City of Monroe, you must contact the proper officials and obtain necessary permits, rental information and learn the rules and regulations concerning the use of specific sites. The following are general guidelines that will give you the information you need to plan a successful event.

1. You must contact the person responsible for rental reservations for the area you plan to use. Here are some general numbers. Specific contacts are listed below.

Community Affairs Office 
Douglas A. Seegers, Director329-2290

Eselener McCoy, Administrative Assistant


Tina Clemons, Administrative Clerk


Monroe Civic Center - George Cannon


Parks & Beautification - Ray Wright


Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo - Tom Pearson


Masur Museum of Art - Evie Stewart


Golf Courses - Don Walters


Rental of all Community Centers and Park Facilities


2. You must contact the Monroe Police Dept. to obtain the necessary permits that may be required for assembly and traffic control.



3. You must contact Taxation & Revenue Dept. for all necessary permits and an occupational license(s).

Tim Lewis


Ruby Whitfield


4. For alcohol or beer sales that may be allowed, you must contact the Alcohol & Beverage Control Board (ABC) for a special permit. You will also need a letter from the City of Monroe Legal Dept. to get a temporary permit from the ABC Board. Certain facilities may reserve the right to sell all concessions including alcohol. Start as early as possible.

ABC Board

(225) 925-4041

Monroe Legal Dept.


Monroe City Council Clerk


5. Restroom Facilities

Unless permanent restrooms are on site and determined adequate to serve the expected attendance, you will be required to rent portable units. Companies that provide this service are listed in the yellow pages of the telephone book.

6. Litter Cleanup

Arrangements must be made for litter cleanup. How this is accomplished will be determined by the agency controlling the site/property that is being used for the event.

7. Utilities

You must meet on-site with the agency personnel in charge of the area to determine if utilities available are sufficient to satisfy the needs of the event and/or necessary actions if additional services are needed.

8. Food

If concessions are being sold, you must make sure that all required permits, licenses and insurance is obtained by the vendors. (Health permits, occupational license ($1,000,000 insurance, etc.)

9. Insurance

All special events are required to have a minimum of one million dollars liability insurance coverage and should list the City of Monroe as additional insured. Civic Center special events personnel are available to discuss event requirements such as technical needs, sound and lighting, stages, ticketing and merchandising for all special event venues. The following contacts are provided to assist you in a variety of ways, including technical aspects, marketing and advertising.

Community Affairs Department

Douglas A. Seegers, Director of Community Affairs


Eselener McCoy, Administrative Assistant


Tina Clemons, Administrative Clerk


Centers & Programs

Patience Talley, Director of Centers & Programs


Melanie Cooper, Administrative Assistant


Monroe Civic Center

George Cannon, Director


Melissa Thaxton, Event Coordinator


Clay Caissie, Venue Promoter


Chris Kidd, Technical Director329-2343

Parks & Beautification

Ray Wright, Director


Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo

Tom Pearson, Director


Masur Museum of Art

Evelyn Stewart, Director


Chennault Park Golf Course

Johnny Myers Memorial Golf Course

Don Walters, Director of Golf


Thomas Saxton, Superintendent


Mayor Friday Ellis, Director of Community Affairs Doug Seegers and the entire staff of the Department of Community Affairs for the City of Monroe are delighted to provide this information to you. We are here to help you get started in planning a successful special event. Please feel free to contact any of the above-named individuals concerning any questions you might have.