Frequent Questions

FAQ Engineering Department - City of Monroe, Louisiana

Q: What do I do if I need my ditches filled-in?

A: If you need your ditches filled in, you need to obtain a culvert permit. In order to do this, simply come into our office and fill out a Culvert/Driveway permit. The fee for this application is $25.00. We will send someone to check the ditch at your address and note what size culvert you will need. After receiving this, call us back to see what your material needs are. You purchase the materials and the Drainage Department will set the culvert. Residential only, not commercial.

Q: Where do I get a driveway permit?

A: If you would like to add a driveway to your property, and it does not exceed the standard size, you can come into our office and fill out a permit (same as above), sign it, and we'll come out and look at the site. If you want it larger you will need to bring in a "sketch" of what you propose to pour and let us look at it.

Q: Who do I notify about a drainage problem?

A. If you have a drainage problem, you need to contact the Engineering Department and leave a detailed message with the receptionist (329-2210) and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: Where can I get Flood Insurance Rate Map information?

A. We can assist the public on obtaining information about flood zones. Contact Mr. Kevin Odom at 318-329-3245. WE DO NOT DO ELEVATION CERTIFICATES.

Q: Where can I get a map of the City of Monroe and vicinity?

A. To get a map of the City of Monroe and Parish, you may contact the Chamber of Commerce @ (318) 323-3461or 323-3462. The first map is free, then $1.00 for each additional map.