Probation - City of Monroe, Louisiana

"The Monroe City Court Probation Division began as a pilot improvement corrections program for misdemeanor offenders."

At its inception, the division was financed by federal funds made available through the Law Enforcement Criminal Justice Administration. Upon termination of federal funding, provision was made by the City of Monroe for continuation of the program through a special revenue fund designated as "City Court Judicial Expense Fund." Revenue for this fund was based upon court costs, levied by Monroe City Court in addition to fines, and/or forfeitures in all criminal matters including DWI and traffic violations. Effective January 1, 1999, funding was provided by the City of Monroe General Fund.

The division has received extensive recognition as a model misdemeanor probation department and has been called upon frequently by other courts and law enforcement agencies to assist in the development and improvement of established misdemeanor probation divisions.


The function of the Probation Division of Monroe City Court is to provide a full-time adult probation and rehabilitation program for misdemeanor criminal, traffic and misdemeanor DWI offenders referred to the division by the Judges of Monroe City Court. The division provides the Court with a structured correctional and crime prevention program aimed at reduction of misdemeanor offenses by application of intensive supervision, treatment and education of offenders as opposed to the traditional correctional methods of fines and/or incarceration.

Major Activities and Objectives

Provide uniform services to the courts that are consistent with the policy, rules and procedures of the division and consistent with applicable laws and court decisions.

Develop and maintain a mutual working relationship with all agencies in the criminal justice system and respective referral agencies in the community.

Maintain a cooperative working relationship with outside courts in the handling of referrals and the sharing of appropriate information.

Provide the courts with pre-sentence investigation reports with recommendations for sentencing alternatives that address the rehabilitation of the offenders and the safety of the community.

Provide protection of society through the rehabilitation of offenders and through prompt recommendations for confinement of offenders who exhibit behavior that is a serious threat to themselves or others.

Fully utilize all available community resources in helping offenders and providing opportunities for their readjustment and re-integration into the community.

Help offenders become positive functioning members of the community who can cope with their environments in beneficial, legal and socially acceptable manners.

Provide the courts with accurate comprehensive reports regarding referrals and/or probationers.

Provide the courts with written reports and/or terminations regarding the activities and recommended termination statuses of offenders referred for probation supervision.

Provide active home-arrest electronic monitoring of offenders.

Provide education and sponsor informative programs for offenders and the community which are focused on rehabilitation and crime prevention.