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Taxation & Revenue

Monroe Taxation and Revenue Department"

The Tax & Revenue division mission is to (1) provide the highest level of efficiency, effectiveness and courtesy to the citizens of Monroe and throughout Ouachita Parish; (2) to collect all funds due; (3) to collect funds in a timely manner and safeguard their receipt; and (4) to accurately distribute the funds collected.

As the Director of Tax & Revenue, it is my responsibility for all activities conducted within the division. My number one priority is to earn and maintain the trust of all citizens within Ouachita Parish and to run my division with the highest of moral and ethical standards.

Timothy T. Lewis
Director of Tax & Revenue

Scope of Services

The Tax & Revenue division serves as the central revenue collecting center for the City of Monroe and the political subdivisions throughout Ouachita Parish, which includes the Town of Sterlington, the Town of Richwood, the Ouachita Parish Police Jury, the City of Monroe School Board, the City of West Monroe, the Ouachita Parish School Board and the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office.

Our office is located at the City Hall Annex building and collects 86% of the General Fund Revenue. The major funds collected by the Tax & Revenue office are from: water bills, sales & use taxes, occupational & alcohol licenses, and property taxes in Monroe, LA. This Office is also contracted as a collection center for AT&T phone payments.

The Tax & Revenue Division consists of a division director and a staff of 14 employees that are divided into processing, collections and assessments. Our team of six revenue specialists is ready to assist the public in matters regarding filling out sales tax returns, answering questions regarding their property taxes, assisting with business related issues, as well as other matters. The team of five cashiers interface with the public daily in collecting payments for water bills, licensing fees, parking tickets, sales tax, phone payments and other miscellaneous payments. Citizens can make payments by walking in to see one of our cashiers or by driving up to the drive-thru window. Our audit team deals with ensuring that businesses located within Ouachita Parish (or conducting business in the parish) are compliant with local tax laws.


Revenue and Taxation Revised Statutes

Louisiana Department of Revenue and Taxation

Louisiana Association of Tax Administrators

Louisiana State Government

City of Monroe Ordinances

Ouachita Parish Tax Assessor's Office