Frequent Questions

FAQ Legal Division

Q: Can my fine be paid out of court?

A: Some fines can be paid out of court. Please refer to court link for fine information.

Q: Can a victim drop charges?

A: Only the prosecutor can make this decision to drop charges. However, a victim may request that the charges be dropped by filling out a request form in the prosecutor's office.

Q: Can I get a continuance?

A: Continuances are rarely granted but each is treated on a case to case basis. If there is a valid excuse, the defendant must appear prior to their court date. At this time a joint motion to continue must be signed. You may also have your attorney file the appointment pleadings. Please do not call the day of your court date or the day before your court date and expect to get your court date continued.

Q: Can I reschedule my court date over the phone?

A: No, all reschedules, if there be need for one, must be rescheduled with your appearance in the prosecutor's office.

Q: Can I schedule an appointment with a prosecutor?

A: Yes, you may schedule an appointment to speak with a prosecutor.

Q: What have I been charged with?

A: You may contact the City Prosecutors office to find out the charge. For further information on your charge please follow this link to the City Ordinance.

Q: Who is the prosecutor?

A: The chief prosecutor is Anselem Nworkie, the assistant city prosecutor is Angie Baldwin. The office is under the direction of the City Attorney's office and Monroe City Court

Q: Do I have a warrant for my arrest, if so what can I do to take care of it?

A: If you feel that you have a warrant, to avoid any further action against you, please contact the warrant clerk to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.

Q: Will I be arrested when I go to court if I do not have the money to pay my fine?

A: Every case is taken into consideration by the Judge and handled on a case to case basis. It is in your best interest, that matters are resolved as quickly as possible to avoid any further action against you.

Q: Who can I speak with in reference to my charge(s)?

A: The prosecutor's office staff will gladly answer any of your questions. If further discussion is needed in regards to your charge(s) an appointment can be made with one of the prosecutors.

Q: My charge(s) have been transferred to the parish what do I need to do?

A: The District Attorney's Office will contact you if your charges have been transferred to their office.

Q: Can I speak to a prosecutor before my court date?

A: Yes, an appointment can be scheduled prior to your court date to speak to a prosecutor.

Q: When is my court date?

A: You can contact the Clerk of Court as well as the City Prosecutor's office.

Q: Can I have my charge(s) amended or dismissed?

A: This office will consider any extenuating circumstances or remedial measure taken concerning the prosecution of your case.

Q: How can I get a court appointed attorney?

A: You may request a court appointed attorney in court. Or, you may contact the Indigent Defender Board at 323-0105.