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Community Affairs

Monroe Community Affairs Department


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The Community Affairs Department of the City of Monroe takes great pride in our love for our city and its citizens. 

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for our citizens and visitors by presenting a variety of diverse entertainment, leisure activities, outreach and educational programs as provided by our various divisions, including the Monroe Civic Center, Chennault Golf Course, Downtown RiverMarket & Development, Masur Museum of Art, Parks and Recreation and the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo. 

Monroe Civic Center - Monroe Community Affairs Department

Chennault Park Golf Course - Monroe Community Affairs Department

Forsythe Golf Course (The MUNY) - Monroe Community Affairs Department

Masur Museum - Monroe Community Affairs Department

Monroe Parks & Recreation - Monroe Community Affairs Department

Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo - Monroe Community Affairs Department

Origin Bank Downtown RiverMarket & Development - Monroe Community Affairs Department


Cooley House

Cooley House - Monroe Community Affairs Department

The Cooley House Foundation was incorporated in 2007 to save the Cooley House and restore it to its former glory. Restoration began with the roof in July of 2008. To operate the Cooley House as a museum, The Cooley House Foundation has entered into a partnership with the City of Monroe. The city purchased the building in the summer of 2008 and once restored, it will maintain the building and the property. The Cooley House Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that is raising money for the restorations through grants, donations, and sponsorships. Once restored, this non-profit group will continue to fund educational programs and exhibitions.

Click here to visit The Cooley House website.


Doug Seegers

Director of Community Affairs
(p) (318) 329-2488
(f) (318) 329-2288

Eselener McCoy

Administrative Assistant
(p) 329-2487

Don Walters

Director of Golf
(p) 329-2591
(f) 329-2869

Tom Pearson

Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo Director
(p) 329-2400
(f) 329-2887

Evelyn Stewart

Masur Museum of Art Director
(p) 329-2237
(f) 329-2847

George Cannon

Monroe Civic Center Director
(p) 329-2346
(f) 329-2548


Parks & Recreation Director
(p) (318) 329-2523
(f) (318) 329-2888