Central Shop

Central Shop - City of Monroe, Louisiana

Maintenance Division Mission Statement:

Fleet Maintenance Mission is to respond to the City's Fleet needs for vehicle and equipment services using creativity, flexibility, training depth, and technical expertise in performing simple or complex analysis, with total focus on program analysis, cost tracking, customer satisfaction, and quality workmanship!

Fleet Maintenance Central Facility

City of Monroe Central Maintenance Facility is located at 319 St. 11th St in Monroe Louisiana. The hours of operations are 7:00 am until 3:30 pm Monday through Friday, closed on major holidays. This facility houses the vehicle shop, tire shop, heavy-duty truck shop, Body Repair/Paint shop, Welding/Fabrication shop, Small Engine shop, Oil/Lube shop, for the Public Works Department.

The Central Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department performs the maintenance on municipal vehicles and equipment for all departments in the City. This includes preventive maintenance, new equipment modification, brake repairs, hydraulic system repairs, fabrication and welding, body repair and painting, and diagnostics and repair of on-board computer systems. This division currently services approximately 1300 vehicles and heavy duty equipment ranging from mowers, tractors, knuckle booms, dump trucks, front-end loaders, compressors, boats, trash trucks, mini and large excavators, bush-hogs, trailers, backhoes, forklifts, welders, tillers, pumps, flail mowers, long arm mowers, camels, sewer cleaner trucks, bucket trucks, tow trucks and garbage trucks.

The facility also has a Fuel Operations Division which services the City with all fuel, diesel and off road fuel.

Quick Facts and Answers 

  • Fleet currently contains more than 1300 operational units.
  • Average age of fleet is 8 year.
  • The new Central Vehicle Maintenance center was established in 1998. Prior to that, mechanics were located within various Departments in separate facilities. It has proven to be a tremendous success in maximizing work production and extending the operational life of City equipment.


Central Shop of Rapdies Parish - Public Works Division - City of Monroe, Louisiana


Darryll Scott

Shop Superintendent
Phone: (318) 329-2267
Fax: (318)329-3283

Antonio Riser

Assistant Shop Superintendent
Phone: 318-329-2267

Virginia Kimbrough

Work Order Administrator
Phone: 318-329-2267

Judy Book

Work Order Administrator
Phone: (318) 329-2267
Fax: (318)329-3283