Refund Rules

Refund Rules 

1. All tables and chairs must be taken down and put back in the designated areas as agreed upon between the center supervisor and organization/patron.

2. Trash must be removed from the kitchen, restrooms and reserved area.

3. Garbage in trash cans must be dumped in the exterior green City of Monroe garbage containers located outside of the facility. All electronic equipment, microphones, chairs, tables, piano, and portable stage must be taken down and returned to the designated area or as instructed by the center supervisor.

4. Stoves, countertops, microwaves, refrigerators, and sinks must be cleaned.

5. Restrooms, kitchen, and reserved facility area(s) are to be mopped and left cleaned.

6. Patrons are not allowed to cook at Community Centers. However, they may warm food they have brought to the facility. Any violation of this policy could result in automatic termination of original contract and forfeit of cleanup deposit.

7. Center employees are not obligated to set-up events for an organization or patron. The organization/patron is required to set-up events on his/her own time as specified by the center supervisor.

8. Guests of patrons are to remain in the reserved area.

9. Grease is not to be poured down sinks, drains, or restroom commodes. Failure to follow this rule will result in termination of original contract and forfeit of cleanup deposit.

10. After the event, the patron and an employee will conduct a walk-through to inspect the facility for cleanliness.