Civil Division

Civil Division - City of Monroe, Louisiana

"The Civil Division is currently composed of one (1) Assistant City Attorney and a clerical staff, consisting of an office manager and a secretary."

On a regular basis, members of this Division represent the City before various state and federal regulatory agencies, including but not limited to: State Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, State Department of Environmental Quality, State Facility Planning, State Department of Labor (Unemployment Compensation), State Department of Transportation and Development, State Workman's Compensation Board, Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Urban Mass Transit Administration, Federal Department of Transportation, Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.

This Division is generally responsible for handling legal matters of a civil nature in the fields of administrative law, bonds, bid laws, building codes, civil liability, condemnation, contracts, construction laws, deeds, election laws, environmental laws (state and federal), expropriation, federal civil rights laws, federal grants, franchises, insurance, labor laws, leases, ordinances, personnel administration, planning, resolutions, safety codes, sales, state tax laws (occupational license, property tax, sales tax, etc.), torts, transportation, workman's compensation, and zoning. This Division litigates at the trial and appellate level in both the state and federal courts and in administrative law systems.