• Economic Development in Monroe, la

Economic Development

Economic Development Department Monroe, LA

"By fostering economic growth and developing programs that help businesses and entire business sectors achieve success, we strengthen the City. Our work helps create jobs and positions Monroe for future growth while improving the quality of life. We make the City stronger." 

Mission: To spearhead Monroe's sustainable economic development efforts.

The focus of this office is to develop, manage, and implement programs that:

  • Link businesses with resources to help them find qualified employees, locate appropriate facilities or site locations, develop products and processes, or identify emerging markets
  • Facilitate businesses securing the benefits of Federal, State, and Local economic development incentives
  • Encourage businesses to move to or expand in Monroe

Economic Development Office's (EDO) Prioritized Strategy

To accomplish EDO's mission, we will follow a prioritized strategy of RSDA:

  1. Retain - our first priority is to retain viable businesses in Monroe
  2. Sustain - we will work to link existing and emerging resources to help local business sustain their efforts
  3. Develop - through our administration of programs and securing of additional resources, we will play an integral role in developing local business to provide more jobs plus better paying jobs...and
  4. Attract - when and where appropriate, we will pursue opportunities to recruit new business into our community that are a logical fit with our existing core businesses.