Building Inspection Department and city of monroe permit office

"The Inspections Division is responsible for issuing all building, electrical, plumbing, gas, and mechanical permits."

The department is also responsible for performing inspections on residential and commercial projects. The Inspections Division also inspects buildings where new businesses are opening or moving to another location. These inspections are made to ensure the public safety and well-being of the general public.

To obtain an electrical permit you must have a state wide electrical license, occupational license, and current insurance.

To obtain a plumbing permit you must have a state wide plumbing license, occupational license, and current insurance.

To obtain a HVAC/Mechanical permit you must have a refrigerant card/license, occupational license, and current insurance.

Inspections Procedure Policy

It is the responsibility of the owner and/or contractor to see that at minimum the following inspections are called for, and at the time indicated. Further, the owner and/or contractor must insure that the various inspections are made by a representative for the City of Monroe, Building Inspection Department. Work shall not proceed until each division (building, plumbing, electrical, etc.) has approved the various stages of construction.

The following are the four (4) minimum called inspections required for all building construction:

  1. Grass Removal - Prior to any foundation construction
  2. Foundations or Footings - Prior to pouring of any concrete
  3. Framing - Prior to covering structural members
  4. Final Inspections for Compliance - Prior to Occupancy

The current codes in effect are as follows:

  • International Building Code-2021 Edition.
  • International Residential Code-2021 Edition.
  • International Fire Code-2021 Edition.
  • International Plumbing Code-2021 Edition.
  • International Mechanical Code-2021 Edition.
  • International Property Maintenance Code- 2021 Edition.
  • International Fuel Gas Code-2021 Edition.
  • International Energy Conservation Code - 2021
  • National Electrical Code-2020 Edition.


*Refer to the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code Council for Louisiana Amendments for the 2021 International Codes and the 2020 National Electrical Code.

List of inspections required:

  1. Degrassing (prior to any fill being placed on site)
  2. Ground Plumbing
  3. Foundation (footings and slab)
  4. Framing / MEP rough-in
  5. Temp to Perm Power
  6. Final Inspections (Building, Mechanical, Plumbing & Electrical)


Submittal Requirements 

 Help Desk Information Card (PDF)


Contact Information

Brandon Woods

Construction Inspector
(p) 318-329-2373

Tyler Fredricks

Permit Technician
(p) 318-329-2214

Planning & Urban Development Department

(p) 318-329-2231

Ellen Hill

Planning & Urban Development Director
City Hall Annex
3901 Jackson Street
P.O.Box 123
Monroe, LA 71210
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