Ordinance #12,069 | City of Monroe, Louisiana

Ordinance #12,069





CITY OF MONROE                                                                                                                 NO.  12,069                



The following Ordinance was offered by Ms.  Woods                 who moved for its adoption and was seconded by Mrs.  Ezernack                    :


AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING THE CITY OF MONROE TO TAKE CORPOREAL POSSESSION OF THE PROPERTY DESCRIBED BELOW AND SELL TO JAMIE N. LOUIS ALL RIGHTS, TITLE, AND INTEREST THAT THE CITY MAY HAVE ACQUIRED TO THE LOT 6, SQUARE 25, RENWICKS ADDITION, OUACHITA PARISH, 2711 WOOD ST., MONROE, LA, BY ADJUDICATION AT TAX SALEDATED JUNE 28, 2013, AND FURTHER WITH RESPECT THERETO                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

WHEREAS the property described as follows, to-wit:


Lot 6, Sq. 25, Renwick’s Addition

2711 Wood St.

  Ouachita Parish, Monroe, Louisiana

Parcel #44122


was adjudicated to the City of Monroe, Louisiana for non-payment of 2012 Ad Valorem Taxes by Adjudication Deed dated and filed June 28, 2013, in Conveyance Book 2335 at page 769 of the Records of Ouachita Parish, Louisiana and adjudicated to the City of Monroe, Louisiana.  The 2012 Ad Valorem Taxes forming the basis for the described adjudication was validly assessed by the City of Monroe against A. C. Witherspoon, and


            WHEREAS, the City of Monroe has made efforts to contact A. C. Witherspoon by registered mail and notification published in the News Star with no response, and


            WHEREAS, Jamie N. Louis wishes to purchase said property from the City of Monroe.


            WHEREAS, pursuant to the provisions of La. R.S. 47:2238.1 et sec, property adjudicated to the City of Monroe for more than Five (5) years may be sold to a specific named individual who has paid all taxes and other cost associated with the transfer of the property by the City of Monroe to the named entity. Jamie N. Louis has paid One Thousand Six Hundred Ninety-two and 86/100 ($1,692.86) which includes One Thousand Eighty-six and 11/100 ($1,086.11) in City and Parish taxes.  The remainder is legal fees for the City of Monroe and the Parish of Ouachita, advertising costs, mailing cost, and filing and recordation of all documents necessary to accomplish the acquisition of the property and then transfer from the City to the new owner.


            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of Monroe, Louisiana, in legal session convened, that the hereinafter described property is no longer needed for public purposes; the City of Monroe has made efforts to contact A. C. Witherspoon with no response; the City of Monroe desires to sell to Jamie N. Louis the property described as follows:

Lot 6, Sq. 25, Renwick’s Addition

2711 Wood St.

  Ouachita Parish, Monroe, Louisiana

Parcel #44122



            ORDINANCE INTRODUCED on the  13th     day of July 2021.



            NOTICE PUBLISHED on the  16th     day of  July                 , 2021.


            This Ordinance having been submitted in writing, introduced, and published, was then submitted to a vote, the vote thereon being as follows:



            AYES:             Harvey, Ezernack, Woods & Marshall



            NAYS:             None.



            ABSENT:         Dawson








            And the Ordinance was declared ADOPTED on the  27th       day of  July           , 2021.




                                                                                                            Carday Marshall, Sr.                




Carolus S. Riley                      




Oliver Friday Ellis                                                                                                                             

MAYOR’S APPROVAL                                                                 MAYOR’S VETO