Maintenance | City of Monroe, Louisiana


"The Monroe Fire Department Maintenance Division is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all firefighting apparatuses, support units, equipment, and supplies that are utilized by the department."

We currently maintain five aerial ladders, one heavy rescue unit, two ARFF units, eleven pumpers and various support units.

In addition, we are charged with the task of testing and keeping accurate and complete records of:

  • Pump Tests
  • Aerial Ladder Testing
  • Ground Ladder Testing
  • SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) Testing
  • Fire Hydrants

The Maintenance Division also assists in developing apparatus specifications, purchasing, PIAL (Property Insurance Association of Louisiana) ratings and any other maintenance-related tasks as designated by the Fire Chief. At the Monroe Fire Department Maintenance Division, we endeavor to keep a progressive attitude and be proactive as much as possible.

We also rotate two weeks on 24-hour call to respond to any second-alarm (or greater) fire or any emergency that we are needed or repair issue that should arise outside of normal business hours.

Each member of our staff is always willing to answer any questions from other departments or the public or assist in any way possible. Please feel free to contact us at one of the e-mail addresses or phone numbers above.

Clifton Corbin

Clifton Corbin

Chief of Maintenance

Doug Gilliland