Department Directory

"For Emergency Service, Dial 911"





Terry WilliamsFire Chief(318) 329-2472 
Becky BaileySecretary to the Fire Chief(318) 329-2474(318) 329-4189
Bronson MossAdministrative Assistant to the Fire Chief(318) 329-2481 
Vernita JeffersonBudget Administrator(318) 812-3165 
Kim GoodjointAdministrative Clerk(318) 329-2475 
Latonya BellAdministrative Clerk(318) 329-2437 

Training Division

Richard HallChief of Training(318) 329-2877 
Edward ChiselyTraining Officer(318) 329-2635 
Greg HillTraining Officer(318) 329-2403 
Megan TaltonTraining Officer(318) 812-3168 
Antonio SmithTraining Officer(318) 329-2573 

Investigative Division

Tommy JamesChief of Investigative Division /
Chief Arson Investigator
(318) 329-2650 
ShaBroderick JonesFire / Arson Investigator(318) 329-2536 

Communications Division

Ocie Jones
Chief of Communications
(318) 329-2514

Fire Prevention

Kenneth GreenChief of Fire Prevention(318) 329-3424 
Terry DyerAssistant Fire Prevention Chief(318) 329-2553 
Terrance TaylorFire Inspector(318) 329-2553 
Shabrodrick JonesFire Inspector(318) 329-2477 

Maintenance Division

Clifton CorbinChief of Maintenance(318) 329-2473 
Doug GillilandFire Mechanic(318) 329-2473 

Operations Division

David PonthieuxDeputy Chief, A-Shift(318) 329-2491 
Danny SaterfieldDeputy Chief, B-Shift(318) 329-2491 
Larry MaxeyDeputy Chief, C-Shift(318) 329-2491 



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Monroe, LA Fire Department Emergency and Rescue

Smoke Alarm - City of Monroe Fire Department

The Monroe Fire Department offers "FREE" smoke alarms with installation to all City of Monroe residents. If you would like a smoke alarm installed in your home, contact our office at (318) 329-2437 or (318) 329-2475 to be scheduled for installation.

How to Report a Fire

To report a fire or other emergency in the City of Monroe, dial 911.

If it is a fire, rescue, or other fire-related emergency, you may direct dial the Monroe Fire Department's direct emergency line at 318-322-5151.