Stop Signs | City of Monroe, Louisiana

Stop Signs

"Stop signs installed in the wrong places for the wrong purposes usually create more problems than they solve."

One common misuse of stop signs is to arbitrarily interrupt traffic, either by causing it to stop or by causing such an inconvenience that motorists are forced to use other routes. Studies made in many parts of the country show that there is a high incidence of intentional violations where stop signs are installed as "nuisances" or "speed breakers". These studies showed that speed was reduced in the immediate vicinity of the nuisance stop signs. But, speeds were actually higher between intersections than they would have been if these signs hadn't been installed.

At the right place and under the right conditions, a stop sign tells drivers and pedestrians who has the right of way. Nationally recognized standards have been established to determine when stop signs should be used. These standards, or "warrants", take into consideration, among other things, traffic speed and volume, sight distance and the frequency of traffic "gaps" which will allow safe vehicle entry or pedestrian crossing.

Most drivers are reasonable and prudent. But, when confronted with unreasonable restrictions, they frequently violate them and develop a general contempt for all traffic controls--often with tragic results.

SOURCE: International Transportation Engineers, Florida Section, U.S. Department of Transportation, Monroe City Code, Louisiana Revised Statutes