Speed Bumps | City of Monroe, Louisiana

Speed Bumps

"The speed bump is an increased hazard to the unwary ... a challenge to the daredevil ... a disruption of the movement of emergency vehicles ... and the cause of an undesirable increase in noise."

Courts have held public agencies liable for personal injuries resulting from faulty design. Because speed bumps have considerable potential for liability suits, many officials have rejected them as a standard traffic control device on public streets.

In addition, tests of various experimental designs have demonstrated the physical inability of a speed bump to successfully control all types of light-weight and heavy-weight vehicles. The driver of a soft sprung sedan is actually encouraged to increase speed for a better ride over a bump that may cause other motorists to lose control.

The control of speeding in residential neighborhoods is a widespread concern which requires persistent law enforcement efforts ... not speed bumps.

SOURCE: International Transportation Engineers, Florida Section, U.S. Department of Transportation, Monroe City Code, Louisiana Revised Statutes