Article I. Incorporation, Form of Government, Boundaries, Powers

Section 1-01. Incorporation.

The inhabitants of the City of Monroe within the corporate limits as now established or as hereafter established by law shall be and continue to be a body politic and corporate in perpetuity under the name of the "City of Monroe" hereinafter referred to as the "City."

Section 1-02. Home Rule Charter.

The charter commission has proposed and the electors have adopted this, their home rule charter, under the authority of Article VI, Section 5 of the Louisiana Constitution of 1974, hereinafter referred to as "constitution." The City is therefore a local governmental subdivision which operates under a home rule charter and, subject to said charter, is authorized as hereinafter provided, to exercise any power and perform any function necessary, requisite or proper for the management of its local affairs.

Section 1-03. Form of Government.

The plan of government provided by this home rule charter shall be known as the "mayor-council" form of government. It shall consist of an elected council that shall constitute the legislative branch of the government and an elected mayor who shall be the chief executive officer and head of the executive branch.

Section 1-04. Boundaries.

The boundaries of the City shall be those in effect as of the effective date of this charter and shall be subject to change thereafter as provided by law.

Section 1-05. General Powers.

Except as otherwise provided by this charter the City shall continue to have all the powers, rights, privileges, immunities and authority heretofore possessed by the City under the laws of the state, including but not limited to, Act 47 of 1900 as amended. The City shall have and exercise such other powers, rights, privileges, immunities, authority and functions not inconsistent with this charter as may be conferred on or granted to a local governmental subdivision by the constitution and general laws of the state, and more specifically, the City shall have and is hereby granted the right and authority to exercise any power and perform any function necessary, requisite or proper for the management of its affairs, not denied by this charter, or by general law, or inconsistent with the constitution.

Section 1-06. Special Powers.

The City shall also have the right, power and authority to pass all ordinances requisite or necessary to promote, protect and preserve the general welfare, safety, health, peace and good order of the City including, but not by way of limitation, the right, power and authority to pass ordinances on all subject matters necessary, requisite or proper for the management of the City's affairs, and all other subject matter without exception, subject only to the limitation that the same shall not be inconsistent with the constitution or expressly denied by general law applicable to the City.

Section 1-07. Joint Service Agreements.

The City is authorized to enter into joint service agreements or cooperative efforts with other governmental agencies and political subdivisions, including but not limited to the parish governing authority, other parish offices and agencies, municipalities, school boards or any special governing district, all as provided by the constitution and state law.