Downtown Strategic Plan Approved To Move to Phase Two | City of

Downtown Strategic Plan Approved To Move to Phase Two

Thursday, July 21, 2022 - 3:15pm

(Monroe, LA) Mayor Friday Ellis and the City of Monroe have extended an agreement with Campo Architects to move into Phase 2 of the Strategic Plan for revitalization of Downtown Monroe. The plan will focus on highlighting potential areas for redevelopment in the downtown area, as well as increasing activation along the riverfront. Campo hopes to identify specific initiatives designed to increase downtown livability, encourage private sector investment, job creation, public interactions, and become a catalyst for continued growth.

Phase 2 of the Strategic Plan includes a Community Engagement effort aimed at listening to a broad range of stakeholders to define current issues, identify goals, and select priorities for inclusion in the downtown Plan. As part of this focused effort, the City of Monroe has engaged Katrina Branson, a local business owner and entrepreneur, to serve as a “Community Advocate” and liaison between the local community and the downtown strategic planning team.

“We’re looking for participation from a broad range of social, cultural, and economic boundaries in order to reveal a community voice through collaboration” says Branson. Participation strategies will include individual interviews, group meetings, and community events, focused on the downtown/riverfront area. The team also intends to form a Steering Committee, made up of representatives from all Districts of the city, to promote project transparency and help distribute information about the Downtown Strategic Plan to stakeholders throughout the City.



Michelli Martin

Media Relations Director



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