City of Monroe Sewer Division Issues Statement regarding Concerns over Sewer Backups in portions of North Monroe During Large Rain Event

Thursday, February 13, 2020 - 10:30am

“In order to help sewer backup issues currently experienced in sections of north Monroe, we are
taking emergency steps to improve the flow of sewer at the Texas Pump Station. That process
should be completed by the end of the day tomorrow, providing no unexpected problems occur.
This is a short-term solution that will help the problem, but it won’t fully permanently fix the
problem. A significant component of a more permanent fix will be a long-term top priority
sewer project to rehab the trunk line between the Texas Pump Station and the Standifer Pump

The sewer from the northside of Monroe travels south through our lines to the City’s sewer
plant. The sewer splits, and half of the water comes through the Texas station and the other half
goes through the Standifer station (which has a blocked trunk line). Due to the age and
condition of the line, we anticipate this to be a multi-million-dollar rehabilitation project that
will take a long time to complete.” – Charles Westrom, Sewer Manager, City of Monroe
Public Works Department