Monroe Water System Encourages Consumers to “Protect the Source”

Monroe Water System Encourages Consumers to “Protect the Source” during Drinking Water Week 2018

Monday, May 7, 2018 - 8:00am

The American Water Works Association and the City of Monroe Water System kicked off Drinking Water Week 2018 today by encouraging the community to embrace this year’s theme, “Protect the Source.”

Throughout the week, our City of Monroe Water System will celebrate water by recognizing the essential role drinking water plays in our daily lives. We will bring special attention to the ways water consumers can protect our source.

“Drinking Water Week provides an excellent time to focus on the role we all play in understanding and caring for our water supplies and systems,” said Water System Manager Sean Benton. “Let’s use this opportunity to help protect all of our local health and vitality by learning more about how we can maintain a safe and sustainable supply of drinking water.”

To commemorate the occasion, we will celebrate drinking water through various events. This week, we will help provide the community with important tips for protecting water quality within our own homes and learning more about how drinking water is regulated and delivered.

About Drinking Water Week
For more than 35 years, AWWA and its members have celebrated Drinking Water Week – a unique opportunity for both water professionals and the communities they serve to unite and recognize the vital role water plays in our daily lives.

Mayor Jamie Mayo adds, “The City of Monroe Water System is proud to join in celebrating Annual National Water Week by making customers aware of the safe and potable drinking water provided throughout the communities we serve.”

The City of Monroe Water System will commemorate the week with the following activities:

School Tours – Throughout the Week
Local area schools are bringing students from various grade levels to tour the Water Treatment Plant. They are educated on the treatment process, and are provided trinkets with messages of water conservation.

Tap Water Day- Wednesday, May 9th
Encourage all citizens to drink only tap water for the complete day, no bottled water.

Open House / Wednesday & Friday 10am – 2pm
Water Treatment Plant, 2401 North 10th Street, Monroe, LA

Lemonade Day- Friday, May 11th 12pm – 2:30pm
FREE Lemonade (while it lasts) at the Water Treatment Plant, 2401 North 10th Street

Community Outreach – Dragon Boat Race & Run/Walk – Friday, May 11th 5pm – 10pm and Saturday, May 12th 10am – 5pm
Provide water, lemonade, and trinkets to participants at the corner of Forsythe Ave. & Loop Road