Millions of Dollars Directed Committed to the Calypso Pump Station

Monroe, LA

(Monroe, LA) Mayor Friday Ellis and the City of Monroe are excited to announce Congresswoman Julia Letlow has directed $4 million dollars in congressional spending to the city’s Calypso Pump Station. This funding is from the FY23 omnibus appropriations bill.

The existing Calypso Pump Station currently serves a large portion of District 4 and is under threat of structural collapse. The station is located on the wrong side of the levee and requires the Finished Floor Elevation (FFE) to be raised to meet federal guidelines.

The pumps and control systems need to be refurbished or replaced, and a backup generator needs to be added to the station. The cost estimate for the project is $9 million dollars.

Mayor Ellis is excited to see these dollars go toward a legacy project.

“I am so appreciative of Congresswoman Letlow and her continued support of the City of Monroe and the region. Her commitment of funds to the Calypso Pump Station will help us make improvements to critical city infrastructure that’s been much needed for decades.” 


Monroe, LA Monroe, LA Monroe, LA