Mayor Mayo meets with Governor Edwards to Discuss Local

Mayor Mayo meets with Governor Edwards to Discuss Local Infrastructure and Drainage Projects

Monday, May 7, 2018 - 8:00am

While in Baton Rouge today, Mayor Jamie Mayo met with Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards to discuss several local projects. Those included the Kansas Lane Extension and I20 Garrett Road Interchange, long-term Flood Recovery efforts, and more. 

Mayor Jamie Mayo says, “I am pleased that Governor Edwards continues to express dedicated support of the Kansas Lane Extension and the I-20 Garrett Road Interchange. In addition to creating more economic opportunities for Monroe, these infrastructure projects will help create a much-needed inner-city loop corridor from U.S. 165 North to I-20. This new corridor will ease major traffic congestion problems near Pecanland Mall and help our overall traffic flow at peak hours and before/after major events. We will continue working with state and federal officials to secure funding for hazard mitigation/drainage improvement flood relief projects like those planned for Georgia Street, Oregon Trail, River Styx, and more. The success of our Rochelle Retention pond has proven to be successful in greatly reducing the number of homes that flood in that area during times of heavy rainfall. As recently mentioned, the City is now pursuing funds form the Statewide Flood Control Program to build a Young’s Bayou Retention Pond that will provide flood relief for south Monroe residents in areas such as West Parkview, South 10th, 11th, 12 th and Dawnview Street.”