Mayor Mayo comments about the Federal Government Shutdown Affecting Flight at the Monroe Regional Airport

Friday, January 25, 2019 - 11:45am

Mayor Jamie Mayo, who is scheduled to fly into the Monroe Regional Airport tonight, as he returns from the 87th U.S. Conference of Mayor’s Winter Meeting in Washington, D.C., issues the following statement regarding the government shutdown affecting flights at the Monroe Regional Airport: 

Mayor Jamie Mayo comments, “This morning’s flight delays and cancellation at the Monroe Regional Airport is one of many examples where business and leisure travelers in many cities across the country are being inconvenienced due to the federal government shutdown. All week long, here at the U.S. Conference of Mayor’s (in Washington, D.C.), reporters have been asking the mayors in attendance ‘What is your opinion about the government shutdown?’ Regardless of party affiliation, we (mayors) all say the same thing – the American people should not be held hostage because of political disagreements. Congress and the President should negotiate a policy agreement that fully opens up the government and put a stop to this type of suffering that negatively impacts federal workers, their families, and the American people.” 

The statement below was released earlier this morning: 

Government Shutdown Affecting Flights at the Monroe Regional Airport 

Monroe Regional Airport Director Ron Phillips says, “It appears that the federal government shutdown is being felt in Monroe. This morning, three (3) flights at the Monroe Regional Airport were cancelled because TSA agents did not report to work today to man their security checkpoints. Approximately 150-200 passengers were affected so far this morning. As a result, the United Airlines (7:15 am) flight was changed to 8:50 am, the Delta (7:00 am) flight departed at 8:18 am, and American Airlines (5:56 am) flight was cancelled. Currently, all later flights appear to be on schedule. TSA agents from Shreveport and Alexandria came/are coming in to man our Monroe Regional Airport security checkpoint stations.” 

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