Mayor Mayo Announces Changes at City Parks & Temporary Park Rules To

Mayor Mayo Announces Changes at City Parks & Temporary Park Rules To Help Minimize Spread of Coronavirus

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 - 1:15pm
Mayor Jamie Mayo announces changes and temporary rules at all City of Monroe Parks, effective immediately. 

“We have taken down the basketball goals at all outdoor courts in City parks. We have taken up the swings and roped off playscape areas. It is impossible to keep those play areas disinfected, so it is best that they are not used at all. Our recreation centers and golf courses have already been closed for over three weeks. Chennault Park has been gated and closed until further notice. Those who visit City parks will need to bring their own water because water fountains have been turned off; and, they will need to use the restroom before or after their visit to the park because restrooms have been locked. All of this is being done to encourage social distancing, shorten the time of park visits, and ensure fewer people gather up in groups,” says Mayor Jamie Mayo. 

Mayor Mayo adds, “We understand that exercise is good for your physical and mental well-being. However, if you can, please exercise in your home, backyard or on your street. But, if you do go to the park, you must follow the rules that have been posted. If Monroe Police officers or our Parks & Recreation personnel see anyone violating these rules, you will be instructed to practice social distancing or go home. These rules are necessary to protect you and your family. Stay at home. Stop the spread and help save lives!” 

Visit our City of Monroe COVID-19 Update Webpage for updates about city services and connections to valuable resources and information.