Project Safe Place | City of Monroe, Louisiana

Project Safe Place

"The Monroe Fire Department recognizes the need to participate actively in the safety of our community, especially in the neighborhood level. This is one reason why each neighborhood fire station in the city is a designated 'Safe Place' for children and teens at-risk and in need of assistance."

If a child or teen finds themselves in an unsafe situation, whether experiencing abuse or neglect at home or at school, having trouble resolving conflict with peers, riding with an unsafe driver, or simply locked out of the house, they can visit the closest fire station and request assistance from any firefighter. They will be welcomed in to the station and placed in a quiet, comfortable, and secure setting while a local Safe Place contact is notified. The goal is for a Safe Place volunteer or staff member to arrive within 30 minutes to provide counseling and if necessary, transport them to the agency for counseling, support, and a place to stay or other resources.


National Safe Place has launched a new project to help teens connect to a Safe Place location. The TXT 4 Help project uses technology to quickly offer teens information about the closest location where they can get immediate help and safety.

Here is how it works:

Youth in crisis can text the word SAFE and their current location to the number 69866 and they will receive an address of the nearest Safe Place site and contact number for the local youth shelter. In cities that don't have a Safe Place program, the youth will receive the name and number of the youth shelter or, if there is no local shelter, a national-hotline number.

This text service is available nationwide.

Safe Place is the first step to help for any youth in crisis or at risk. This community collaboration program, operated by youth shelters or youth serving agencies make it possible for any youth to access help at locations including fast food restaurants, convenience stores, fire stations, libraries and city buses which display the Safe Place sign. Youth can easily find help at Safe Place sites in their own neighborhood whenever they need it. Safe Place connects youth to immediate help and safety and offers supportive services to both youth and their families.