In Memorium | City of Monroe, Louisiana

In Memorium

"The Monroe Fire Department recognizes the need to pay tribute those who have served and passed on."

Benny White
J. V. Moore
Charles Alger
Everett L. Bacle
Keith Baird
Lou Barton
B. R. Breland
A.T. Brown
J.D. Brownlee
David Cantrell
C. W. Carter
Jimmy Clower
Ryan Coleman
Cleve Cornett
Wayne Christman
L. F. Cummings
T.A. Duffey
Robert M. Dumas
D.L. Duncan
R. J. East
H.D. Edwards
Charles W. Finkbeiner
Charles Lockwood
Joseph Jack
Richard Hall
David Hill
Devaughn McClanahan
Theodore Finkbeiner
Andy Bloomer
H. E. Cureington
J.N. Fontana
L.N. Free
Kenny George
Archie Gilliland, Sr.
E.J. Graves
W.W. Greer
Huey Hadley
J.L. Harrison
Andrew Scott Hampton
John Hand
Lonnie Hasley
Lawrence Hunnicutt
Mike Inzina
Darrell Johnson
Melvin Johnson
C.C. Maxey
Jimmy McGough
Kenneth L. McCready
S.D. Meeks
Harold Lenard
James Gilley
Bobby Sanford
James Solley
Frank Morris
Robert McGee
Greg LaPoole
Freddy Phillips
James Richards
Phil Richards
H. S. Riser
Charlie Roddy, Jr.
Burton Russell
Dan Ryals
Cecil Shipp
C.W. Sims
Courtney Smith
M.L. Smith
W.C. Smith
Denny Taylor
Earl Telano
Clifford Tharp
B.R. Trichell
R.L. Warner
Carl White
R.E. Wright
Laverne Gardner
Archie Gilliland Jr.
Richard Campbell
Kenneth Gibbs