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About This Site

"This site is the official web presence of the Monroe Fire Department, serving the City of Monroe, Louisiana."

This site has many goals. First, it is to educate the visitor about the department. There are many divisions in our department, and the goal is to describe each for the education of the visitor. Second, it is to inform the visitor about the recent events and accomplishments by the department and its members. The Monroe Fire Department is a fluid, living, breathing department that is constantly growing and adapting to our changing community and our world. Third, it is to display through pictures and other media the exciting world of firefighting.

This site is currently considered "under construction." This means that the site may be missing some expected content or may have some missing links. Some of the text may not have been proofread for grammar, spelling, and accuracy. Please forgive any such errors or omissions.

Members of the Monroe Fire Department are strongly encouraged to contribute to this site. You are welcome to edit or add to any of the content of this site. Please call (318) 329-2437.

Many of the photos are courtesy of the Monroe Fire Department Training Division or Investigative Division, unless otherwise credited. Many are courtesy of The News Star. Some were taken by current and former members of the department. The creator and publisher of this site is grateful to all for allowing the pictures to appear on this site. If you are the owner of any picture or object enclosed in this site and you wish for it to be removed, notify the publisher at (318) 329-2437.

All pictures on this site depicting firefighting, rescue, and EMS incidents are those of actual Monroe Fire Department firefighters at work. No images from other departments are used on this site.

The links on this site are provided as a courtesy to its readers. Some may take you to domains and areas of the Internet away from this site. The publisher of this site is only responsible for content found under this site.

For any comments on this site, please call (318) 329-2437.