Communications Division

"The Communications Division is responsible for receiving requests for emergency and non-emergency service."

Serving in the rank of Deputy Chief, Lori Saterfield is the Chief of Communications.  She directly supervises the Communications Division, which consists of eleven trained Fire Communications Officers.  In October of 2015, the Communications Center was moved from 506 Olive St. (adjacent to Fire Station One), to a new location at 1810 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. (now in the Public Safety Center), and upgraded to state-of-the-art equipment.

The Communications Division is the nerve center and a very critical part of the fire department.  Fire communications is the first contact between the public and the Monroe Fire Department. This is where calls for emergency assistance or public service are received and the appropriate fire apparatus and personnel are dispatched.  Additional responsibilities of a Communications Officer is to provide support to operations personnel, other divisions of the fire department, other agencies and the general public in carrying out many routine, business, and non-emergency tasks. 

Ocie Jones Chief of Communications Fire Department - City of Monroe, La

Ocie Jones

Chief of Communications