2016 Bully Proof Event at Child’s Play II | City of Monroe, Louisiana

2016 Bully Proof Event at Child’s Play II

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 - 4:15pm

Each year, the Children’s Coalition for NELA, in partnership with Northeast Delta Human Services Authority, work with schools to raise awareness on bullying.  This effort is being expanded to also reach our business communities and families.  A special press briefing will be held 10:30 am Wednesday, October 19, at Childs Play II Childcare Development Center, located at 209 North 18th Street in Monroe, LA.  
Mayor Jamie Mayo and the Monroe City Council are proud to support National Bullying Prevention Month efforts during the month of October.  The City of Monroe encourages people city-wide to WEAR ORANGE October 19th to help bring attention to this important issue.  Mayor Mayo will be issuing a “Bully Proof” proclamation at the aforementioned press briefing. 

This year’s theme is, Empowering Our Community to be BULLY PROOF!  The focus is on reducing the incidents of bulling in schools and communities across our region.  Minimizing these stressors can definitely maximize learning in and outside of the classroom.   Tips, resources and activities will be shared as an intentional effort to further unite our community, and promote healthy learning in all of our schools.

On October 19th, 2016, the entire community will be asked to wear orange signifying they will stand up and speak out against bullying.  

Bully Proof means:

  • Bully Proof Victims are empowered by being taught verbal strategies and actions that can be taken to stand against bullies
  • Bullies are reeducated on proper use of power and how to deal with their own insecurities.
  • Bully Proof Bystanders learn how they can be active in diffusing a bullying incidence by being empathetic to the victim and   reporting bullying to trusted adults.
  • Bully Proof Schools are being proactive in preventing these negative behaviors and making prevention & intervention as needed, a norm.

Individuals who have confirmed to represent at the press briefing are:

Mayor Jamie Mayo, City of Monroe, LA
Christie Taylor, Elementary Education Supervisor of the Monroe City School District
A representative of the Ouachita Parish School District
Jan Daniels, Signs of Suicide Coordinator at the Children’s Coalition
Child’s Play Owner, Ronnie Traylor & Director, Naomi Gholston
A parent representative and Child’s Play students
Tammy Washington, Early Childhood Life Skills Coordinator at the Children’s Coalition for NELA