Ordinance #12,127 | City of Monroe, Louisiana

Ordinance #12,127





CITY OF MONROE                                                                                    NO.  12,127               



The following Ordinance was introduced by Mr.  Harvey                 who moved for its adoption and was seconded by Mr.  Marshall                                  .


AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING FRIDAY ELLIS, MAYOR, TO ENTER INTO A CONTRACT BY AND BETWEEN THE CITY OF MONROE AND GREATER OUACHITA WATER COMPANY AND FURTHER PROVIDING WITH RESPECT THERETO                                                                                                                                              


WHEREAS, Greater Ouachita Water Company (“GOWC”) sells potable drinking water to its customers residing outside the city limits of the City of Monroe;


WHEREAS, GOWC would like to purchase water from the City of Monroe to provide to its customers and the City of Monroe is able to provide such water;


WHEREAS, the City of Monroe has provided to GOWC under previous agreements and will continue to provide water to GOWC at the following locations:


Highway 165 North and Garden Lane 1.00 MGD (1,000 GPM)

                        Oaklawn Drive in Lakeshore 2.16 MGD (1,500 GPM)


            WHEREAS, the City of Monroe and GOWC agree to the sale and purchase of water upon the terms and conditions more fully set forth in the attached Water Purchase Contract.


            NOW, THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of Monroe that Friday Ellis, Mayor, is hereby authorized to enter into a Water Purchase Contract with Greater Ouachita Water Company under the terms and conditions in the attached contract.


ORDINANCE INTRODUCED on the  28th      day of  June         , 2022.


NOTICE PUBLISHED on the  1st        day of  July      , 2022.


This Ordinance having been submitted in writing, introduced, and published, was then submitted to a vote as a whole, the vote thereon being as follows:


AYES:            Harvey, Ezernack, Woods, Marshall & Dawson


NAYS:            None.


ABSENT:       None.


And the Ordinance was declared ADOPTED on the  26th      day of  July        , 2022.



Kema Dawson                       


Carolus S. Riley                     



Oliver Friday Ellis