Ordinance #12,118 | City of Monroe, Louisiana

Ordinance #12,118



STATE OF LOUISIANA                                                                                   NO. 12,118         


CITY OF MONROE                                                                                               


The following Ordinance was introduced by  Woods                   , who moved for its adoption and was seconded by  Dawson                 :




            WHEREAS, the City is the owner and operator of the Monroe Regional Airport;


            WHEREAS, the City’s current regulations pertaining to general conduct on the Airport are set forth at Chapter 7 of the City’s Code of Ordinances and also incorporate the Airport’s Minimum Standards by reference;


            WHEREAS, the City has determined that the Minimum Standards should be updated and certain regulations within Chapter 7 are no longer consistent with the operation of the Airport; and


            WHEREAS, the City desires to delegate authority to the Airport Director to issue certain appropriate rules, regulations, standards, rates, and charges applicable to the Airport, subject to oversight from the City Council;


            NOW THEREFORE, it is hereby ordained that Chapter 7 entitled “Aviation” of the Monroe City Code is hereby amended and enacted as follows:


  1. Repeal


The following Sections of Chapter 7 of the City of Monroe Code of Ordinances entitled “Aviation” are hereby repealed in their entirety, and each Section or paragraph, as applicable, shall be marked as “Reserved”:


  1. Section 7-1;


  1. Sections 7-21 through 7-33, inclusive;


  1. Section 7-48(a); and


  1. Section 7-49 through 7-54, inclusive.


  1. Authority Delegated to Airport Director


Section 7-47 of the City of Monroe Code of Ordinances is hereby revised to read as follows:


Sec. 7-47. Authority of Airport Director; compliance required


(a) The airport director is authorized to adopt, promulgate, and amend any existing or future rules, regulations, operating standards, rates, and charges for the airport in his or her discretion.  This authority includes, but is not limited to, rules or standards addressing the following:


            (i) Personal conduct;


(ii) Safety of persons and property, including vehicles, pedestrians, fire safety, and security;


            (iii) Aircraft and vehicle fueling;


(iv) Leasing, permitting, and regulation of commercial aeronautical activities at the airport, including rates and charges to be paid by any commercial operators;


            (v) Landing and fuel flowage fees; and


            (vi) Land and facility rents.


(b) Every person enjoying privileges at the airport, leasing property from the City at the airport, or entering the airport for any purpose shall comply with any rules, regulations, or operating standards set by the airport director pursuant to Section 7-47(a).


(c) The airport director is authorized to interpret, apply, and enforce such rules, regulations, and operating standards in his or her discretion, provided that the airport director shall exercise such discretion and enforcement authority in a nondiscriminatory manner.  The airport director is authorized to assess uniform and reasonable administrative and/or financial penalties for violations of any rules, regulations, or operating standards, including but not limited to increased penalties for multiple or repeat violations and/or termination of any written agreement between a violator and the City.


(d) A violation of any rule, regulation, or operating standard promulgated by the airport director is also a violation of the Code of Ordinances, punishable pursuant to applicable law.


(e) Nothing in this Section 7-47 shall be interpreted to limit or modify existing liability for conduct on the airport that is not a violation of any rule, regulation, or operating standard but otherwise violates the Code of Ordinances.





This Ordinance was introduced on the  12th     day of  April            , 2022.


            Notice published on the  18th        day of  April                    , 2022.


This Ordinance having been submitted in writing, introduced and published, was then submitted to a vote as a whole, the vote thereon being as follows:


AYES:            Woods, Marshall & Dawson


NAYS:            None.


ABSENT:      Harvey, Ezernack


And the Ordinance was declared ADOPTED on  26th          day of  April               , 2022.


Carday Marshall, Sr.              



Carolus S. Riley                     



Oliver Friday Ellis